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Thursday, 23 September 2010 14:10     E-mail
Dueling adverts

I really hate ads, however if a company can put together something that "sells" me a product while at the same time entertaining me, and I mean ENTERTAIN here ad agency guy, not TORTURE, the Armadillo "Tough Enough" ad springs to mine, looks great, things blow up, I am interested in how a guy slides down the road in a hoodie and doesn't get grated etc.

The reason this springs to mind is that I just stumbled across a couple of "viral" (don't get me started! Ed.) video advertisements for 2011 model bikes. One is for Kawasaki's 2011 750R and the other for Ducati's Dorsoduro 750 (and 1200) now I understand that they are in slightly different market segments etc but the difference between the videos is insane.

One is a beautifully shot, well thought out and designed piece of film which makes you (or me at least) think "hmmm that's an interesting new bike, wouldn't mind having a go" the other... is bloody awful, and not in a good way... let me know what you reckon.

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